The Sturdee residences is one of the fast selling upcoming projects

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February 23, 2016

As you know the best product in the market does not last long. The cleaver people and the people who can judge the quality of the things get to know the best product and they does the purchasing or the booking operation as early as possible. Same thing is applied for the home selling also. The best homes are booked in advance and you will not get them if you are late and lazy. The Sturdee residences is one of such best upcoming home residence project. They are also selling too fast in the market.

the sturdee residences is one of the fast selling upcoming projects

Its location

The location of Sturdee condo is very important for any good residential project. The Sturdee residence has all the best combination of the facilities. These are the marketing complex, hospitals, heat of the city and many more to be mentioned. The time you are reading the article some of the houses are being booked and the price is rising too. You should not be too late to regret. There will be time when you will have enough money but the house or the homes will not be left.

Reason to book

This is the reason that you must book the residential home with some of the amount and then you can think off. You may resale it if you have some problem or you get the better opportunity. When such opportunity is there just in front of you, you must grab it. If you know the places in the Singapore you will surly know the importance of the project as the project is on Sturdee Road, near Farrer Park MRT station Singapore.

Book it now

When such facility is there for you, take it and utilize it. You can earn a lot in the near future hence you should book the project now at You will get the Sturdee residence by paying a part payment now and paying later the remaining.

Centrium Square: the new way of shopping

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February 10, 2016

Shopping in Singapore is more than a dream come true and finding the brands you love under one roof is the best experience to a shopping freak. The newly development of the former Serangoon Plaza gives you the freedom to shop unlimited from a wide range of various brands. This shopping destination will be a replacement to the Serangoon Plaza.

centrium square the new way of shopping

Located at Serangoon road, this shopping point is easily accessible to the entire Singapore. The nearest station being the Farrar Park MRT Station will provide everyone a chance to visit this destination without any difficulty. This shopping destination will become a toast to all those who love to shop something new every time.

Get shop alcoholic

Considering the location of Centrium Square one can easily assume the level of success it will reach once it is open. The wide range of brands and variety offered by this giant shopping complex can easily become a competition to all others in the market. This 19 floor building will give you every chance to discover something new about fashion and your style. Having 49 outlets at 1st and 2nd floor makes this place worth visiting.

Business exposure

Centrium Square is not only a destination to shop but can also give you the best place to establish and expand your business. With a total of 143 offices and 39 medical suites, this place will become the most visited and successful investment in Singapore.

A great deal to establish your name in the entire Singapore is waiting for you. Grab the chance to own an outlet in The Centrium Square and see your business flourishing day and night. Don’t give a second thought to connect to the entire Singapore while sitting at one place, Centrium Square. Be in trend always with the new shopping destination.

Skies 39 Condo: Why you should keep an eye out

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January 18, 2016

For quite some time now, Singapore has been the hub of several condominium projects. One such development and one of the biggest in the area happens to be the Skies 39 Condo development. Yes, it is still a work in progress but the planning and effort that has been put in is already hinting of signs that it is going to be one of the best developments in recent memory.

skies 39 condo why you should keep an eye out

About the project

The developer of this project happens to be Evia Real Estate Private Limited. The tenure for this project happens to be for a period of 99 years. As far as residential units are concerned, there are going to be a total of 578 units. As mentioned before, it is still in work but it is expected to be completed by the year of 2020 which is still some time away.


It happens to be located in one of the oldest towns in the whole of Singapore. Only recently has there been some effort made to transform it into a modern town-like setting. As far as the location itself is concerned, the Skies 39 Condo development is located in Lorong 6/4 Toa Payoh which is the junction of 2 of the busiest roads in the city making it the perfect place for such a development to grow on.

Pricing Range

As far as prices are concerned, you would probably expect such a place to have a decent pricing on its head. It was on the date of 23rd of June 2015 that the project was handed over to Evial Real at an estimated cost of $345,860,000. After all the constructions are completed, it has a profit expectancy of around $1,400 in total. So these are some of the reasons why it is sensible for anyone to keep an eye out for this new project in Singapore. It is shaping up to be one of the greatest success stories in the city and there should be no reason for you to pass out on such an opportunity.

The home of your dream: Poiz Residence

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January 5, 2016

Everyone dreams of having a house of their own. Poiz Residences makes your dream come true of living in a house of your own in one of the best cities in the world, Singapore. The Poiz Residence is a new launch by MCC group in Potong Pasir, opposite Sennett Estate, Singapore. The lavish homes offer you an awesome environment with an integrated mall, pub and lot more facilities in the area.

the home of your dream poiz residence

Location is all that matters

Located at walking distance from Potong Pasir MRT, Poiz offers the best connectivity with the entire expressway, the orchard road and all other corners of the city. These houses serve all the requirements of your dream home. The Residence is equipped with an integrated condo shopping mall providing you the best quality services.

Pool of facilities

Potong Pasir MRT station is closest to the area and provides you the best quality educational services. The dream of owning these houses will come true in 2020. Along the basic amenities, the luxurious residential units will provide a wide range of spas, various swimming pools, children’s playground and a lot more. Having a house at the heart of the city, connecting you to the entire place is worth living. A home like being offered by Poiz Residences is the best place to nurture your family and relations with a sense of calm and peaceful lifestyle. The lovely and green ambience will take over your mind. The Poiz Residence condo gives you a variety of choices to pick your best room set and make your life king size.

Be a Poiz Resident

Forgetting about the ever increasing pollution, give your child a greener and healthier environment. Give your life a touch of royalty and high living standards by getting into the suites of Poiz Residences as early as possible. It is open for booking now at and this opportunity will prove to be the best investment for you and your family.

What you should know about high park residences Singapore?

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May 23, 2015

When it comes to the High park residences Singapore, it is one of the most dynamic neighbourhoods in Singapore, being unique and always catering to the trendy lifestyle. It has become Singapore the most desirable place to live for the young business man or women trying to make it in the city. Only two and half miles from downtown and block from the lake make High park residences Singapore as a prime real estate.

what your should know about high park residences singapore

Most of the people are thinking that such a youthful community would conform to newer styles of architectures and design. However, this could not be further from the truth as evident from the rehabilitation boom in the last thirty years. This boom had a dramatic effect on Real estate. Most of the real estate still standing today was built in the late nineteenth century. Elaborate remodeling efforts have given these High park condo a new life and have consequently, driven up High park residence values.

At present, the prices are falling rapidly due to an abundance of inventory, and you, the buyer, can confidently walk away from any asking price you think is too high. If you are looking to a buy High park residences Singapore for sale, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity. Maximum people are get confused in deciding their condo value. The most accurate methods for setting your condos price by using computers or comparative valuations to see what the most recent buyers in you are having been willing to pay for homes that are similar to yours. There are many websites in internet offering customized tool to help you price your condo accurately and reasonably in a market like this one, you do not want to rely on old valuations that are no longer competitive. Most importantly, you need to know the real selling points of your specific condo.

Before deciding to move Singapore, having in-depth information about local culture, educations, transportation, and nightlife will prove invaluable. Finally, there are some well-known and reputed websites in internet are offering the information about High park residences Singapore to their clients.

Sims Urban Oasis – A perfect condominium

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April 16, 2015

If you dream about owning a perfect home, it is high time that you become aware of Sims Urban Oasis – a condominium, which offers a luxurious lifestyle of living on your very own private paradise. This condominium is situated close to the Aljunied MRT station and located at Sims Drive in Singapore.

sims urban oasis a perfect condominium

Comes with excellent transport facilities

This condominium is located in such a place that it has an easy-access to a number of transport options for you and your family. Both the Aljunied station as well as the bus terminal of the Sims Place is just a very small distance away from this condominium. Moreover, this condominium is nearer to a network of roads and highways. The Pan Island Expressway, which is located just beside the station and the bus terminal, is another advantage when it comes to transport especially if you have your own car.

With a wide choice of transport options that are easily accessible, you can drive down to places such as the Central Business District, the Orchard Road, the Kallang Road, and other places with excellent shopping and other facilities within a maximum of 10 minutes to 30 minutes after leaving your condominium.

Enjoy unlimited entertainment

When you lease a condominium unit at Urban Oasis Sims Drive, it is guaranteed that you and your family can enjoy a limitless fun and excitement. You can easily reach Paya Lebar Hub, the Singapore Post Centre and other entertainment facilities and recreational facilities to enjoy your time to the maximum along with the amazing eateries. There something for you and your family to enjoy in and round this condominium, thus making you to lead a luxurious upper-scale lifestyle.

This condominium comes with an array of transport options at your convenience and a huge variety of essential, entertainment, recreation facilities. If you are interested in owning one of these little pieces of heaven, register for your condominium unit as soon as possible by logging into its official website.

Book today the best residential unit in the City Gate condo

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April 14, 2015

The City Gate condo is located at the Beach Road in Singapore. Singapore is one of the top cities in the world with the best investment potential. The Beach Road area is very well connected with the other places of the city, it has good accessibility as well as connectivity.

book today the best residential unit in the city gate condo

Location and other details:

The address of the City Gate condo is 371, Beach Road of Singapore. The old Keypoint mall is being replaced by this condo. The Keypoint building was situated at the junction of the Jalan Sultan and Beach Road. The plan of this unit is to create a mixture of residential unit as well as commercial unit. Not only will people live here but also people can come here to enjoy shopping with their family and also can enjoy dining with their family and friends.

The three storey retail unit:

People will be enjoying 3 storeys of fine dining and shopping. There will be around twenty nine restaurants, one food court of over 4000 square feet and a super market which would cover around 3,735 square feet of area and around 150 retail shops.

Other shopping malls nearby:

The City Gate condo has an excellent location; it is a walking distance from Sultan Plaza, Golden Mile Complex and the Concourse shopping mall. Even shopping malls such as Millennia Walk, Marina Square, Suntec City Mall, Raffles City Mall and Bugis Junction are very near this area.
City Gate is one of the most prestigious and beautiful condo that is been developing in Singapore. Singapore is one of the top cities in the world which is not only known for its investment potential but also ranked fifth in foreign trades. So people all over the world want to buy an apartment in this city with such scenic beauty. So this is one of the best options one could have in the next two years.

The Peak @ Phnom Penh: life doesn’t get better

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August 21, 2015

Cambodia World Bridge and Oxley International Holding Pvt. Ltd, Singapore have come up together for the second time to create history in the form of condominium constructions which they have proudly named The Peak @ Phnom Penh. The Peak offers the rare combination of the finest assortment of residential units, commercial developments and various other recreational and leisure facilities.

the peak phnom penh life doesnt get better


Situated at the heart of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, The Peak is very near to AEON Mall and Naga World. It faces the River Esplanade and is a few minutes’ walk from National Assembly building, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Australian Embassy.

It’s Features:

  • The peak is a consortium having two towers covered in bronze glory. The Peak is a fifty five stories building and it has total 500 units for mainly residential and commercial uses. It has also more or less 150 retail shop and lots of hotel rooms.
  • This Peak is an ensuing multipurpose development project which has built in Phnom Penh nearby Diamond Island. It has developed in the heartbeat of famous Phnom Penh City.
  • A modern totally new stage of living associated with shops, offices, restaurants and also the famous Shangri-La Hotel make the project fantastic and attractive.

Amenities and facilities:

There is a Podium Deck in Its 14th floor wherein you will get Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, and Pool Deck, Restrooms including Steam Room Yoga Room, Kids Play Pool & Zone and outdoor Lounge. You will also get the facilities of Outdoor Pavilion, BBQ Pavilion, multi function room, games room, reading room, landscape features in The Peak @ Phnom Penh.

Real Estate Value:

If you are smart enough to think about your future you should go ahead and make investments either in residential or commercial units that The Peak @ Phnom Penh offers. You surely are aware about the property and real estate boom in Singapore and can well estimate the future rents that it will yield.

Looking for a water dispenser for home? Buy judiciously

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July 19, 2015

Before you install a water dispenser for home or for apartment, do give due consideration on all the available options. These days, there are several advances water dispensers available for reasonable costs that can offer you various features from a single machine. Are you considering installing a dispenser at your house or office? If yes it is time for you to consider some attributes on the available product portfolio before you practically materialize your plan.

looking for a water dispenser for home buy judiciously

The points that demands considerations prior to purchase the water dispenser

  • The volume to which the device can dispense the water
  • The ease in installation and routine maintenance.
  • The probable life span of the device
  • The warranty period on the device
  • The technology on which it runs and the features it offers
  • The portability of the dispenser. The tabletop water dispenser comes with the perfect space-friendliness.
  • The pricing of the product

The options are inexhaustible

These days, there are available several options on the water dispenser for home installations. While the basic types simply dispense water after filtration, the advances ones serve with alkaline water that is considered to be highly beneficial for the health. It is not that the advanced products are extravagantly priced. Therefore, do conduct a good research before to pick any piece that might come upon your way randomly.

Do consider the ones that serve hot and cold water simultaneously

In case you are getting a dispenser that serves both hot and cold water, you would be poised at advantage. It is because while the chilled water can sooth you in the summers, the availability of the hot water can come helpful across several needs. Thus, it would be almost getting the double, paying for one.

Solving the worries on the feminine organ- Permanent and temporary solutions

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May 19, 2015

It is a common aspiration among women to have a perfectly toned, larger and firm breast that would enhance her glamour manifold. However, a significant part of the women do not has this attribute in their figure and thus the glam quotient of such ladies gets blemished. However, a numbers of techniques, some natural while the others are artificial, had come up that she can approach to enlarge her breast that would give relief from this problem. However, the solution can still be classified a permanent and temporary, each of which serves great purpose upon the need of the situations.

solving the worries on the feminine organ permanent and temporary solutions

Some permanent solutions to the problem

While discussing the natural land the artificial methods pertaining to the question on how to get bigger breasts, things can be put like both of these approaches have their own advantages and disadvantages. On a comparative note, the artificial processes can give the desired outcome in the shortest time while the natural ways, naturally takes longer span. However, this gets overwritten with the fact that the superficial ways can be detrimental as often it triggers certain hazardous side effects. Thus, it would definitely be a wiser decision if one handholds the natural ways, rather than the artificial ones.

Temporary solutions that can serve instant purposes

Now, if situation demands an instant solution, one can get the job done, tough temporarily, by making certain changes in the style of her attiring. In these situations, one has to pick up a dress that would hug her curves. Alternatively, one can opt for padded underwear that will add some layers to the small breast, thereby making it to look big. Thus, putting a bit of presence of mind and intellect, one can herself get an answer to the long held question, “How to make your breast look bigger”.